Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hiding Spot

Here is our little Cambree in her favorite hiding place under the couch.

Birthday Girl

Of all the pictures we took on Haylee's birthday, this is my favorite. After bidding farewell to her beloved cousins, she stayed out on the porch and played in the rain by herself for almost an hour. I went out to check on her one time to find her sitting down, swinging her legs and singing "Happy Birthday to me...." over and over and over. She was soaked so I let her take a bath.
The next day we got caught in the rain while walking into Target. She complained over and over about how she "didn't like this rain drops" and "I'm all so wet!" and "I need to go home and take a bath tub".

Take 2

Take 2, yes. I already tried this once. When I tried to add a picture and it took me 3 hours to figure it out and then it was so HUGE it was obnoxious and I deleted the whole thing. (I didn't think I was that computer incompetent!) Now I'd like to start over. There are too many people with blogs with whom I'd like to keep in contact and I hear it's much easier to keep track of people and updates and such if you have your own. So here you go. I'm more excited this time too so hopefully that will help things along. Any tips on the art of blogging are welcome!

PS, My motivation for this has been very much encouraged by my good friend Tassi. So thanks Tassi, if this is successful, I owe it all to you!