Thursday, January 19, 2012

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night (with more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep please)

 Since I'm not really sure how to make a collage and it's now a month (plus or minus, depending on the pic) after the get a nice long line of pictures.  Oh the memories!!!

Cambree's Christmas dance.  This was the first public place I ventured with Baby Luke (aside from the Doc but that doesn't count since Grandma was there too.)   I think he was maybe 2 weeks old.  I was nervous and paranoid as all get-out and I thought I was going to rip my incision open carrying the car seat but it was worth it.  She (Cambree) sure knows how to shake her thang...!  So sorry the pictures fail to do it justice.  

Making cinnamon/applesauce ornaments for teacher gifts....this was so right up my girls' alley, very much like-unto play dough, it just smells a ton better and you don't have to worry about the colors getting mixed up.


 Christmas Eve!!!
Grandma Edwards reading Christmas books before bedtime...

Precious Baby...

 Hot chocolate and eggnog hyper I love it!  Those goofy faces are priceless.  (Well Cambree's goofy face is probably not quite priceless since she's always making them but you know what I mean.)

Ready for church, no presents opened yet...


 The only pic we took of opening gifts.  No clue why.

 New Years Eve with the chocolate fountain....

Nose boogies...

 Nap time...only one kid is actually sleeping, can you guess which one?

 Freedom!!!  Oh, I mean Luke's first bottle!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

1 Year!!!

       One year ago today we moved into our home.  Our first house.    I can't believe it.  Really, I can't.  But it is.  

And so we celebrate.  


We put our super grumpy, extra tired girls to bed early (even though there's no school tomorrow.)  And BJ and I have been taking turns for the past 4 hours holding a fussy baby who is so tired but refuses to go to sleep.  The table is set for celebration.  I set up Scrabble a couple hours ago (when I thought we had gotten lucky and Luke was actually asleep), we have some gaming snacks ready and some Martinellis chilling in the fridge.   At this point though, we'll probably just have it tomorrow...if we remember.  

But we have our house. :)

This picture was taken the first Sunday we were here in our house.  Today is Sunday too.  Only we didn't go play on our deck.  And we don't have nearly as much snow.