Thursday, March 17, 2011

Living Here

This is our very first house! 
 We are still so very excited about our new home.  In fact, no one really just calls it home, it's always "let's go home to our new home" !!!

Here's the front

Here's our first front door!

Here's where it says the address where WE live

Here's the snow that we play in...and shovel...and enjoy watching...(mind you, this pic was taken a couple weeks ago, much of this snow is gone now, but not completely!)

Here's the view

Oh, I mean this is the view.  It is gorgeous any time of day or night.  If I was gooder at taking pictures, you could see Utah Lake as well as various other landmarks.  You wanna see for yourself?  Good thing you happen to be our friend.  Friends are allowed to visit any time they want.  Family is too...we just prefer that you call first.  Old joke, I know.  Ha ha ha.

The best part about living here is simply just living here.  We love it.  We are up sort of in the mountains and enjoy a feeling of separation from the busyness of roads and stores and such yet we are not so far away that a short ramble down the mountain gets us to shopping/etc.

We have a "baby mountain" in our backyard.  You can kind of see it in the first pic of the front of the house.  We love our baby mountain.  So far the only wildlife we have seen are deer (but plenty of them), evidence of voles (yuck), stray cats, and ducks (just yesterday, I think they were building their nest near the pond of melted snow just behind our backyard.  I'll let you know when we find a nest.)  But we have heard that other, slightly more exotic, no, maybe just more exciting wildlife await us when the weather turns a bit warmer.  Wildlife like elk, coyotes, mountain lions, and maybe even neighbors! (Everyone seems to stay inside during the winter up here.)  Eeek!

Also, I laugh every time we're driving down (or up) the mountain and seriously every time, at least one of the girls says "MOM, BE CAREFULl!  We're going to fall off the mountain!"