Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goings Ons


The other day I signed this one up for kindergarten.  As I started to fill out the mountain of paperwork in front of  me, I realized I needed a new prescription for my contacts. 

 I couldn't see.  It was too blurry.

Why oh why does a good thing make you cry?

Then, just yesterday I was watching my little Bree dance with her sister.  I noticed how long her hair has gotten.  And how tall she is.  And how she is so very much not little anymore.  She is her own person, no longer Haylee's baby sister (although she loves, sometimes, to be like her big sister.)

She is learning to read.

Her speech has come miles and miles in the past year.

She is so darn sweet and compassionate that sometimes it makes me feel like I don't deserve her.

And then she does something... shall we say creative? and I realize that maybe I do, deserve her that is.

"Secret Beauty" Video - Cambree Sings!

Took these a couple weeks ago before her dance class.  (For once we knew where her shoes were and so had a couple minutes to spare.)  

And just because I need to remember this story:

PS, you may notice that one of her nostrils is a little red.  Why, you ask?  Oh, did I not write about this yet?  My, my, Cambree started having this horrible, rotten, nasty smelling breath that just wouldn't go away when we brushed teeth, flossed, mouth washed, or shoved "spicy gum" down her throat.  It reminded me of how her breath smelled about a year ago when she had strep.  So to the doctor we went.  She initially tested positive for strep again so we put her on antibiotics for 10 days with no change.  A more detailed throat culture showed no strep.  We were referred back to our trusty ENT who removed her tonsils/adenoids last April.  He immediately told me it was probably a foreign object and I immediately dismissed that idea.  My 4-year-old was way too old to put things up her nose.  2 minutes later, he pulled out a snot covered, horribly smelly pom pom.  YUCK.  

The kicker?  On the way home in the car Cambree said to me: "Mom, I've been trying to get it out!"

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 Months




enough of this kid!  

Oh my goodness, I know I may be just a tad biased and all but seriously?  Have you ever seen a cuter baby?  

He started smiling at right about 5 weeks and it's been progressively increasing in frequency!  We are all charmed by this little guy.  

2 months (11 lbs 12 oz now!) and counting...