Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I love about Halloween...

Using old tutus as witch wigs! Boohahaha!  (I especially love the witch:)

 Having to make costumes even though every year I vow against it!  It is so rewarding!

These cookies,

 Visiting the witches at Gardener Village,

 Halloween gingerbread houses as a family!  BJ was enjoying himself by the way,

Early snow for our first (and awesome) snowman of the year!

 The Annual Edwards Family Halloween Party,

Poor Haylee didn't stand a chance getting an apple without her 2 front teeth!
But she sure tried!
This duck...(and my cool glasses),

Carving pumpkins!  And the fact that nobody (except maybe BJ) complained about the gooey, slimyness of it all,

Those eyes....always looking somewhere except where you want them to be looking!

 The Halloween parade at school...

 This duck...oh wait, did I already say that?

These 3,

This duck stealing candy, 

Those eyes...

 This pumpkin,
Yeah BJ!

Decorating cookies... 

and last but not in any way, shape or form least, 

missing costume pieces.