Thursday, May 7, 2009

Glorified Picnics

We have discovered a new favorite activity to do as a family. Hiking. BJ and I both love to hike but we haven't done much since we moved out here. Maybe because we haven't had very many free Saturdays the past couple years and then babies too little and lately we weren't sure how Haylee would do just walking on her own. Well, we decided one rainy afternoon to throw the excuses out the door... and we followed.

Cambree does ok in the backpack. I think she likes being up high but by no means allowed the buckles or restraints or whatever to stay on very long. So far we've been lucky that she hasn't wriggled her way out. Her favorite part though, is when we let her down to climb and dig and find bits of nature to nibble on (as if all the fruit snacks on the way weren't enough!)

Haylee at first wanted to be in the backpack and was a big grump about it for a while. BJ, softy that he is, actually let her try to get in but of course she was way too big. (Reminded me of getting her in and out of the baby swing at the park the other day when she convinced me to let her swing next to her sister. Not a good idea. There were knees everywhere. Same idea here.)
We were eventually successful, however in distracting her by having her find all the trail markers on the trees. She also noticed other wonders of nature like "rainbow trees" and "tree sits" and roots and moss and even a snake!

And of course we always bring a picnic. Who doesn't like picnics? The mere mention of it makes any outdoor activity worthwhile and hiking is no exception. Plus, PBJ tastes much better with a little dirt on your fingers (or, in Cambree's case, mud and bug guts).