Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sticky Fingers

There are not many foods in this world that when eaten will make your fingers stickier than  




Ok, so maybe there are.  But the taste doesn't compare.   We are lucky that not one member of this family is afraid to get their fingers sticky when it involves some amazingly good eats.

For the berries we went back to the same farm where we picked our apples, pumpkins and Christmas tree.  We tromped around in the muddy fields for a while before it started to rain again.  I have to admit that these berries are not quite as sweet as Carolina berries but still yummy.  So far we've had strawberry pie, pancakes and ice cream. Up and coming are strawberry chicken salad and strawberry lemonade bars.  No jam this year.  I don't feel like packing it up in a cooler again when we move.

Gearing up to throw her partially eaten berry.

For our ribs we went to the "must-go" restaurant in St. Louis for bbq.  It's called Pappy's Smokehouse.  It's one of those places where the line is often out the door and around the corner, it's that good.  We waited for 40 minutes.  I can't believe I'm saying this but it was worth it.  We'll take anyone who wants to visit us in the next 2 months.

The girls did amazingly well while waiting in line.  BJ and I looked on as any proud parents might as our children ate.  The good manners we have tried so hard to instill were evident as they stuffed their faces, licked their fingers, sucked on the bones and stole food off of our plates. Like I said, when there's good, messy food to be had, who cares about sticky fingers right?  
(And if someone does care later, there's always mom's pants to wipe them on, right?)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Graduate

Unlike her father's 23 year program, Haylee was lucky to receive her Tiger Tots "degree" after only 8 weeks of hard work.  Daddy played with drugs, she played with paint.
I feel so unoriginal saying this but I cannot believe how much she has grown up during these 8 weeks.  Part of it might be because she spent so much time with 18 year-old high schoolers.

For example, the other day BJ did something funny and she responded "What's up with you?"  Other evidence is the regular overuse of the word "like" in her conversation.  Also, the phrase "Oh my gosh!" and "Totally" are other new additions to her vocab.  Oh, and she's started rolling her pants!  "They're too long Mom!" ....oooh, but my feelings on that are pretty extensive so I'll move on.  Before I do, let's just say that I was aghast (just slightly over-dramatizing here) at how dress codes (or the lack thereof) have changed since I was in high school.  Rolling her pants should be the least of my wardrobe worries for my 5 year old.

Below, Haylee with her favorite teacher Tony and further below, Tony getting denied by Haylee for a hug.  Probably a first for him.
Little sister, intrigued with the proceedings.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Landmark Age

Maybe it's because it's the year she is officially old enough (by who knows whose standards) to attend real school.  Or maybe the fact that she is now legally able to ride a school bus with no seat belt! Maybe it's because it's the age when she really learns to read and I can no longer keep her Christmas list on the front of the fridge. Or maybe it's because it is the age when you look at her and for the first time, realize that not only is she not your little baby anymore but that the control you have over her has begun it's own frictionless (ha ha) downhill spiral.  Uh oh.  I really like  having control.

For me it was all of the above.  

Also the realization that she really is her own person.  For real now.  S e p a r a t e from her mom.

Here's our 5 year old.

We had a Magic Rainbow birthday party with 4 friends from church, including one boy...this was/is a big deal for her.  Her first boy-friend.  Not boyfriend.  Friend that is a boy.  Anyway, it was magic because we made magic color wheels on paper towels and magic musical xylophones with colored water in glasses (only one broke) and magically colored pins to bowl down (ok, so the bowling wasn't so magical) and magic rainbow flyer thingies, and magic 6 layered rainbow cupcakes and magic rainbow licorice straws.  Oh, and we also made a magical mess that took several days to remove.   Just took the balloons down today finally.  I love balloons though, they're just so....magical, don't you think?