Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Graduate

Unlike her father's 23 year program, Haylee was lucky to receive her Tiger Tots "degree" after only 8 weeks of hard work.  Daddy played with drugs, she played with paint.
I feel so unoriginal saying this but I cannot believe how much she has grown up during these 8 weeks.  Part of it might be because she spent so much time with 18 year-old high schoolers.

For example, the other day BJ did something funny and she responded "What's up with you?"  Other evidence is the regular overuse of the word "like" in her conversation.  Also, the phrase "Oh my gosh!" and "Totally" are other new additions to her vocab.  Oh, and she's started rolling her pants!  "They're too long Mom!" ....oooh, but my feelings on that are pretty extensive so I'll move on.  Before I do, let's just say that I was aghast (just slightly over-dramatizing here) at how dress codes (or the lack thereof) have changed since I was in high school.  Rolling her pants should be the least of my wardrobe worries for my 5 year old.

Below, Haylee with her favorite teacher Tony and further below, Tony getting denied by Haylee for a hug.  Probably a first for him.
Little sister, intrigued with the proceedings.


Cara said...

Wow - a GRADUATE!! I remember where I was when you called to tell me she had been born!!!!

millie said...

It's a good thing she didn't play with drugs like her dad did! It sounds like you and Hope had a good talk the other day. About the strawberry jam, I just made freezer jam. I just followed the reciepe on the pectan box. It was very easy and quick. She also said you guys were moving to Utah! YEA!! When are you coming? We can't wait and I hope that things work out best for you guys. Love ya!

Mindy and Jason said...

Are you having a Graduation Open House for her? We cannot wait to see her again!Hurry up and move already! :)

Those gradations are so fun! I remember each of my kiddos' pres-school graduations, so fun!

Shanna said...

So cute! Crazy she is so big! So when is Layton. you will be right in the middle of Kristol and I. 45 minutes for both of us. Can't wait to see you again.