Saturday, May 8, 2010

Landmark Age

Maybe it's because it's the year she is officially old enough (by who knows whose standards) to attend real school.  Or maybe the fact that she is now legally able to ride a school bus with no seat belt! Maybe it's because it's the age when she really learns to read and I can no longer keep her Christmas list on the front of the fridge. Or maybe it's because it is the age when you look at her and for the first time, realize that not only is she not your little baby anymore but that the control you have over her has begun it's own frictionless (ha ha) downhill spiral.  Uh oh.  I really like  having control.

For me it was all of the above.  

Also the realization that she really is her own person.  For real now.  S e p a r a t e from her mom.

Here's our 5 year old.

We had a Magic Rainbow birthday party with 4 friends from church, including one boy...this was/is a big deal for her.  Her first boy-friend.  Not boyfriend.  Friend that is a boy.  Anyway, it was magic because we made magic color wheels on paper towels and magic musical xylophones with colored water in glasses (only one broke) and magically colored pins to bowl down (ok, so the bowling wasn't so magical) and magic rainbow flyer thingies, and magic 6 layered rainbow cupcakes and magic rainbow licorice straws.  Oh, and we also made a magical mess that took several days to remove.   Just took the balloons down today finally.  I love balloons though, they're just so....magical, don't you think?


jkmeyers said...

I LOVE your new blog update and pics. You are creating a treasury of memories for you AND for the rest of us. Keep it up!!!!!

LoveYaMissYa said...

I can't believe she's 5! Remember that night 5 years ago when BJ called us... ah memories! I can't believe they are so big now! Sounds like an awesome party!

millie said...

I can't believe she is 5! She looks so old! I love that she is growing up, but is can still ride her bike in her panties! Miss you guys so much!

Tassi Smith said...

She is beautiful. We miss you guys. I am glad to see you are doing well.