Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Sweets

Getting ready for the neighborhood egg hunt.

Blurry but wonderful, dancing, after church Easter Sunday pictures.  They were so carefree and happy.  

Yes, these are my favorite Easter Sweets.  
Extra sugary (not to mention cheesy) and a bit sticky but 
s   w   e   e   t
and 100 % irresistible!

Monday, May 9, 2011


 About a month ago, Cambree had surgery.  

We were told by 3 doctors that her tonsils were the largest they'd ever seen in a child her age.  After the surgery, we learned that her adenoids were too.  Just about as big as they get. The combination of the 2 had been restricting air flow between her nose and mouth and into her throat.  Plus, she had fluid in her ears for who knows  how long causing a minor hearing loss, causing speech delay, mouth breathing, excessive drooling, nasality in her speech, many sleepless nights, extra stinky breath due to bacteria stuck behind her tonsils, increased get the idea.  I'm probably making it sound worse than it was.   But she got it all removed and ear tubes put in.  So there you go.  I've been told it is a miracle surgery and so far, we have seen improvements but I think it will be a long term thing.  That's ok, I'm just glad it is all over.

 This is her the day after the surgery.  Her goofy energy didn't last long.  About day 5 is when the real pain kicked in and it was awful.  We had long talks coaxing her into taking her pain meds for every single dose.  But we made it!

And she's back.  We're so glad!

Home Improvement!

One sure fire way to help make your home your own is to paint it!!!  No offense to the previous owners but there were/are some colors that needed/still need to be changed.  
To suit us Edwardses.

First up, master bedroom.  As you can maybe see, the original color was a very dark green/brown.  Just didn't work for us.   So as selfish as it may sound to do the master bedroom first, we still chose it as our first project.  Love the result.  Bluish grayish.  Nice and light.  Fresh.  New.  Lovely.  Very BJ-and-Julie.

Next up, the girls' room.  You can see the dark red bead board on the bottom and the blue and white stripes on top.  Patriotic?  Yes.  Haylee-and-Cambreeish? No.  So changes needed to be made.  This project was definitely a family project which made it take probably 3 times as long but that's ok right?  They learned.  We learned.  And we were together.