Saturday, August 2, 2014

Proud Parents!!!

That's the sort of title people use when they post about their newborn babies, right.  Well, this one is about our 9 year old baby.    

Haylee completed a Jr. Triathlon today!  

We are so 
                         so proud of her!  
I was a little worried but it felt like a real race, she got her number on her arm and leg (and although she's feeling a bit apprehensive about people seeing that at church, I think it's cool!), there was loud music, a real finish line, etc.  

Haylee did so well too!  She was worried about the swim part and worried about the heat.  After the swim as I jogged with her to transition to the bike she was all smiles..."Well, I liked the swim part!"

More smiles after the bike and then as she turned the last corner on the run and saw us cheering her on.   For the record, I did not cry when she crossed the finish line (very much).