Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today, or maybe it was yesterday either way it doesn't matter, I got really creative and served Haylee chicken nuggets for lunch (don't worry though, they were the fat free, trans fat free, cholesterol free, 100% organic, whole wheat ones...yeah right!) Anyway, they were a bit hot when I gave them to her. A minute later, she had her hands held just over them, nice and still. When I asked her what she was doing, she answered that her "chicken nuggets would cool off faster in the shade, right?"

The Big 1!

A bit late, yes, but I am still going to report on Cambree's first birthday. Mostly with pictures though so don't get too excited about another long narrative from yours truly. :)

We just had my sister Mindy and her family over as they are both of our girls' favorite playmates anyway and it was a fun little party. Presents (unwrapped by everyone but the Birthday Girl), cake (and a cute one at that if I do say so myself), ice cream, lots of slobber and more than one messy face. That pretty much sums it up!

Oh, so about the cake...I was trying to think of something meaningful and the best thing I could come up with was a bee. Why, because Bree (the bee) is so incredibly busy! She works overtime at what she does, that's how busy she is. And another note, the credit for the message on the cake goes to Alvin, not either or us. It was a potential name for our blog back when we first started it, thanks Alvin!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation at the Beach

Marianne and our niece Sami came out to visit us here in NC last week (yeah, visitors!) and the highlight was our 4 day trip to Myrtle Beach. The girls had so much fun getting extra attention (wait, who am I kidding, BJ and I did too!) and relaxing at the beach, well relaxing as much as you can while trying to convince your almost-one-year-old to leave some sand for the shells!

One thing that made this beach trip a little different was the fact that our hotel had a pool and a lazy river and "SC's only swim-up bar!" (I tried to convince BJ to swim up and get a drink with me at the bar but to no avail.) We spent many a conversation trying to convince the girls to come hang out at the beach instead of the pool but they preferred the pools. Lucky for us, the 2 were so close we were able to set up "camp" at each and go back and forth during the day.

This was our first night at the beach and no, she is not sleeping, this shot was mid flip... I think it was around 11pm and she was rolling and flipping and jumping all over her dad, giggling the whole time...

We buried Sami and turned her into a mermaid!

Sami broke her thumb a week or so before they came out but luckily, she had this waterproof vacuum cast cover thing, a bit cumbersome and a pain to get on but it allowed her to play in the water!

Unfortunately, this picture isn't close enough for you to tell how covered her face was in animal cracker slime which acted as an excellent paste for the sand...