Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Big 1!

A bit late, yes, but I am still going to report on Cambree's first birthday. Mostly with pictures though so don't get too excited about another long narrative from yours truly. :)

We just had my sister Mindy and her family over as they are both of our girls' favorite playmates anyway and it was a fun little party. Presents (unwrapped by everyone but the Birthday Girl), cake (and a cute one at that if I do say so myself), ice cream, lots of slobber and more than one messy face. That pretty much sums it up!

Oh, so about the cake...I was trying to think of something meaningful and the best thing I could come up with was a bee. Why, because Bree (the bee) is so incredibly busy! She works overtime at what she does, that's how busy she is. And another note, the credit for the message on the cake goes to Alvin, not either or us. It was a potential name for our blog back when we first started it, thanks Alvin!


Tassi Smith said...

Hooray for Cambree! Congrats on the big one.

Decker & Christine Smith said...

The cake is awesome! Good job. You definitely could give Sis Plautz some competition! So, do we have to reserve you months in advance for Laralyn's?

me said...

Oh my gosh! That cake is really funny. I am LOL, as you can imagine. Well, TTYA. I GTG. But you are, and forever will be my BFF. 1-4-3. 24-7.365. I really had to think about the 1-4-3 part. I admit I put 1-3-4 and then realized that was wrong.
PS- Really, I think we should consider hooking Maddox and Cambree up. I think there is some real potential there.

Emma said...

Very cute cake!