Saturday, December 6, 2008

Poor Mr. Grinch

I bet he never expected to be dressed in a pink doll onesie complete with velcro diaper.

Oh, and he needed to be changed several times.

Oh, and he got entertained with rattles and such,

and rocked to sleep...

Friday, December 5, 2008


Julie's brother Ryan and his wife Jenna, decided last minute to join us NC folk for Turkey Day and boy were we glad. Things would have gotten rather dull without them.

Much to the disapointment (and that's putting it lightly) to all the male members of the family, we rented a cheerleading game to play on my sister's Wii after we ate. Haylee was probably the most enthusiastic about it even though we all enjoyed playing it...very reminicent of DDR...

Cambree found other ways to keep herself occupied while everyone else played the Wii...

Can you say cheese? I mean seriously folks, CHEESE! This has become her trademark grin.

Thanksgiving sugar cookie decorating...per BJ's request.