Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Other Day

So the other day Cambree and I were working on a paper for school about her family.  For each person she needed to write one word that described them.  Easy peezy lemon squeezy, says she.  Here's what she wrote:

Haylee: dance
Luke: crawling
Dad: run
Mom: laundry


The other other day was a Saturday and every Saturday at our house BJ goes for a long run in the morning and I try to sleep in until Luke wakes up.  The girls can fend for I will illustrate.  Last Saturday, I came down to find the girls making cookies.  They had already thrown away one batch.  They were trying to follow a recipe but maybe they didn't understand it?  Maybe they couldn't decide between several?  But they couldn't find enough butter (after melting a whole bunch for the first batch) or brown sugar (out) or chocolate chips (also out) or eggs (also out after the first batch).  They did, however, find nilla wafers and decided that using crushed nilla wafers would be "so yummy".  Eh?  Well, they never got baked.

And I just added to the mess.  After a quick trip to the store for the above mentioned missing ingredients, I was trying to put the styrofoam container of eggs away.  My fingers broke through the bottom of the eggs and as the container started to slip, my other hand instinctively grabbed the top of the eggs, breaking many.  I added cracked egg mess on the stool and on the floor (because I didn't think there was enough already all over the counter, actually, in all honesty, my egg mess was much worse than theirs).

Another other day, there was Easter.  And jelly beans.  And 3 cute kids and no perfects pics of all 3 together.  The ones of Luke turned out cuter when he was in his pjs than in his new tie.


Then, BJ turned 34.  Happy Birthday Hot Stuff!

 Then BJ ran a marathon.  His first marathon ran in his 35th year.  Wow, 35 sounds a lot older than 34.  Don't get mad BJ, you're not there yet.  Besides, I can't think of a single guy in his 35th year that looks better in 3 1/2" long shorts.

Then Haylee and Bree had their turn to run in an all school run.  Both of our girls ran the entire time.  No walking and shooting the breeze with their buddies.  I was so proud!

And then there's this little guy.  We love him. And when I am having a bad day, all I have to do is go get Luke up from a nap.  He is always smiling.  And luckily, in our family it's contagious.