Thursday, February 18, 2010

Which do you prefer?

So we're at the store today and while I'm debating between Always and Kotex, I hear my 2 year old say very loudly and, surprisingly, very clearly "Mommy Pullups!" over and over and over while my 4 year old corrected her over and over and over "No Cambree, those are NOT Mommy Pullups!"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Peek into the Edwards household...just for a day

The following is pretty typical of a "normal" day for us. I just happened to think to write it all down so I can remember it when my daughter is all grown up and calls complaining about her own crazy kids. I'm sure I missed a few somethings but you get the idea...

The other night after 3-4 hours of fussing and prying hidden toys and books and backpacks and sippy cups and baby bottles and puzzle pieces from Cambree's little hands, oh, and 10-12 trips taking her back to bed, she finally fell asleep around 10pm. Before I went to bed, I went to check on her and noticed that her cheek looked red. Like a wind burn sort of. Worried a little, I mentioned it to BJ who went in to check on her and he noticed that her drool on her pillowcase was also reddish. We concluded that she probably stole another one of Haylee's dumdums from her stash in her sock drawer (that's where she puts them whenever we get back from the bank).

Fast forward to the next morning when I am awoken by the strange and uncomfortably wet (yet familiar) sensation of Cambree bite/kissing my nose. Again, I notice her cheeks are red, as are her jammies, slippers, and arms. Hmm...I go look in her bed and all I find is dried red drool. I am officially puzzled. Even more so when Haylee goes to the bathroom and right before she is about to flush, notices that Cambree's picture that she colored the day before has just been peed on. It appeared to have been there all night. As I fished it out I noticed that there were red smudges on the roll of TP and all over the toilet seat and lid. Hmm...again.

Breakfast was pretty normal with only one cup dumped on the floor after the above named child realized it wasn't what she ordered. I was able to stop that same child from breaking her egg maracas so I could make her eggies for breakfast, which were not thrown on the floor thank goodness. Oh, but when the "snoke" started coming out of the toaster things got exciting. Luckily the paper towel that had been shoved inside only resulted in sparks and more "snoke" and not a fire.

For some reason, an hour or so later, I came into our Pink Room, AKA the computer/craft/mess room and noticed the closet door ajar. I found our red culprit. Fingerpaint. Judging by the unorderliness of the closet, she got pretty creative in her efforts to get to that finger paint.

Mystery solved.

Later, when I attempted my afternoon escape ritual of hiding in the bathroom for a minute or two of peace, I neglected to lock the door. As I kicked myself, the "peace" I was seeking came in the form of a 2 year old, arms full of coloring books and crayons. "Cowo Mommy!" Don't be grossed out but I was using the toilet at this point. That, however, didn't stop her from dumping the crayon bin into my lap. Luckily, things were positioned such that I didn't have to retrieve any crayons from the bowl.

Dinner time is always an adventure at our house. Of course it is because I have to make it and I can't follow any of my posterities around as I make do so. This evening, Cambree decided to join me in the kitchen. She got to try 2 new foods. She loves to unwrap bouillion cubes and I guess I didn't put the thing away after she unwrapped the ones I needed because moments later I heard her gagging and spitting it all up on the floor. Yuck. Then she proceeded (for the next 10 mintues) to make this gagging/dry hacking sort of sound. It reminded me of a sound my dog used to make kind of like clearing your throat but with a disgusted sort of quality to it. Then she tried cilantro. That ended up on the cutting board where the rest of the cilantro was waiting to be added to my soup. No gagging this time though.

During dinner I only had to intervene a couple times to stop some bickering. Once, when Cambree dropped her broccoli into Haylee's juice when she wasn't looking. The next time was when BJ came home and while Haylee left her chair to welcome him, Cambree stole (and ate) Haylee's bread.

Later, as the girls were getting their jammies on, we heard Haylee shout "Cambree just peed on the floor!" Indeed, there was a puddle in the middle of the floor. (This was one time where I was glad we have hardwood floors instead of carpet.) Not sure what she was thinking, maybe that she couldn't make it to the potty? Or maybe that her diaper was full enough already that whatever she added to it would leak out anyway so she might as well enjoy some freedom?

So there you have it. A peek into our house...just for a day.

I just realized that all of these incidents only involve one of my kids. Interesting.