Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I love about Halloween...

Using old tutus as witch wigs! Boohahaha!  (I especially love the witch:)

 Having to make costumes even though every year I vow against it!  It is so rewarding!

These cookies,

 Visiting the witches at Gardener Village,

 Halloween gingerbread houses as a family!  BJ was enjoying himself by the way,

Early snow for our first (and awesome) snowman of the year!

 The Annual Edwards Family Halloween Party,

Poor Haylee didn't stand a chance getting an apple without her 2 front teeth!
But she sure tried!
This duck...(and my cool glasses),

Carving pumpkins!  And the fact that nobody (except maybe BJ) complained about the gooey, slimyness of it all,

Those eyes....always looking somewhere except where you want them to be looking!

 The Halloween parade at school...

 This duck...oh wait, did I already say that?

These 3,

This duck stealing candy, 

Those eyes...

 This pumpkin,
Yeah BJ!

Decorating cookies... 

and last but not in any way, shape or form least, 

missing costume pieces.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yellowstone, The Conclusion

It didn't rain until our last 2 days in the park.  But we persevered   The girls were a bit hesitant when I pulled out their ponchos but made the most of it and ended up having fun wearing their "gowns".

These first pictures were taken at Mammoth Hot Springs.  Located in the northern part of Yellowstone, it was a trek to get up there but well worth it.  The hot springs are kind of like the rest of Yellowstone but in reverse.  Very unique.  We found it interesting that there were a zillion of these springs all together in the same place but only some were actually "running".  Many were gray and dry but still terraced and intricate.  Again, my pictures fail to do them justice.  Maybe next time I'll post post cards. :)

It's a thumb.

We couldn't figure out why the heat wasn't bothering this birdie's feet.

Ok, now we're on our drive back south from Mammoth.  A dreary day...

I took this from the car because there was no pull over spot or sign or anything but I was fascinated.  It's not as vivid in the picture but the little stream was bright emerald green!

Beryl Springs.  This one was SUPER hot and EXTRA bubbly and MEDIUM stinky.

              And my sunset pictures.  Obviously not taken professionally.  But it was sooooo beautiful!

We had good timing on this one.  We saw this geyser going strong for 15 or 20 minutes!

This one, Grand Prismatic Spring is one of the most famous.  Since it was a cold day though, there was more steam than normal and it was hard to see except when the wind temporarily blew the steam away.  PS, I love this picture.

Artist Paint Pots...aka mud pots.  Can we say STEE-KEE!

Another geyser we were lucky enough to see go off.
And yes, we bought the kids ice cream on the coldest day of the week.  We ate it in the rain.  We learned the Luke loves ice cream.  Is anyone surprised?  He prefers being in control though...

Packing up to leave!

We chose to drive through the Tetons on the way back.  Unique and beautiful.