Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sticky Fingers

There are not many foods in this world that when eaten will make your fingers stickier than  




Ok, so maybe there are.  But the taste doesn't compare.   We are lucky that not one member of this family is afraid to get their fingers sticky when it involves some amazingly good eats.

For the berries we went back to the same farm where we picked our apples, pumpkins and Christmas tree.  We tromped around in the muddy fields for a while before it started to rain again.  I have to admit that these berries are not quite as sweet as Carolina berries but still yummy.  So far we've had strawberry pie, pancakes and ice cream. Up and coming are strawberry chicken salad and strawberry lemonade bars.  No jam this year.  I don't feel like packing it up in a cooler again when we move.

Gearing up to throw her partially eaten berry.

For our ribs we went to the "must-go" restaurant in St. Louis for bbq.  It's called Pappy's Smokehouse.  It's one of those places where the line is often out the door and around the corner, it's that good.  We waited for 40 minutes.  I can't believe I'm saying this but it was worth it.  We'll take anyone who wants to visit us in the next 2 months.

The girls did amazingly well while waiting in line.  BJ and I looked on as any proud parents might as our children ate.  The good manners we have tried so hard to instill were evident as they stuffed their faces, licked their fingers, sucked on the bones and stole food off of our plates. Like I said, when there's good, messy food to be had, who cares about sticky fingers right?  
(And if someone does care later, there's always mom's pants to wipe them on, right?)


Mindy and Jason said...

fun! my strawberries are just trying to survive and only have a few blossoms on them...I'm jealous!

yummy food! so, when will you develop a better recipe for ribs? :)

Tassi Smith said...

When and where are you moving? I wish we could come out for a visit.

Emma said...

I'd be right there getting my fingers sticky with you guys at a St. Louis BBQ if I could! Good eats! Good luck with the moving!