Sunday, January 15, 2012

1 Year!!!

       One year ago today we moved into our home.  Our first house.    I can't believe it.  Really, I can't.  But it is.  

And so we celebrate.  


We put our super grumpy, extra tired girls to bed early (even though there's no school tomorrow.)  And BJ and I have been taking turns for the past 4 hours holding a fussy baby who is so tired but refuses to go to sleep.  The table is set for celebration.  I set up Scrabble a couple hours ago (when I thought we had gotten lucky and Luke was actually asleep), we have some gaming snacks ready and some Martinellis chilling in the fridge.   At this point though, we'll probably just have it tomorrow...if we remember.  

But we have our house. :)

This picture was taken the first Sunday we were here in our house.  Today is Sunday too.  Only we didn't go play on our deck.  And we don't have nearly as much snow.  

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