Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Move II

When we moved from Provo to North Carolina 5 years ago, we made a top 10 list of things we'd miss and not miss and I thought it'd be fun to do again. This is mostly for our benefit so if something doesn't make sense or if it doesn't seem very funny, just remember it's included because it's funny to us.

Disclaimer: We do not claim that any of the following lists are all inclusive. We reserve the right to add to or change whenever we want.

Top 10 things we will miss about living in NC:

10 - The little blue dodge that served us so well (thanks again to the Brays, we love you!)

9 - The Raleigh farmer's market

8 - the Town of Cary (parks, roads, flowered medians, walkways, crime stats, etc.)

7 - College basketball (notice the color of the above title)

6 - Rita's Water Ice (especially a chocolate/lemon gelati or misto...try it!)

5 - Goodberrys!!!

4 - hushpuppies!

3 - friends!!!

2 - living close to my sister Mindy and her family


Top 10 things we will not miss about living in NC:

10 - BJ's extra long commute to and from school

9 - living in the dark (literally and figuratively speaking)

8 - walking through cobwebs to get to the car every morning (and afternoon)

7 - weak toilets (if you were lucky enough to use one at our place, you know what we mean)

6 - living close to the stinky dump

5 - the trains and all the bazillions of trucks that drove past our place 24/7
(they have damaged our children so much that the first time we heard thunder here,
Bree started signing "train" and "choo chooing" and Haylee rushed to see where the
train was)

4 - the lake in our backyard that never quite disappeared in between storms

3 - living on red money

2 - the STINKIN' mice!!!

1 - NO MORE SCHOOL! (well, sort of)

Things we are looking forward to in MO:

* getting to know our extra friendly Italian neighbor who thought to warn us that he plays his Italian music extra loud on Sunday mornings

* the zoo is free!!

* what it will be like to have a teenager living with us

* determining if St. Louis really is the Gateway to the West

* living on a street where (no exaggeration) we are the only residents without AARP cards (we're hoping their grand kids visit often)

* going to a Cardinals game and then proceeding to buy any and all kinds of wearable Cardinals apparel (flip flops, scrunchies and diaper bags included) as we see 80 % of the residents do here whenever we go out (except at church)

* experiencing a real, live tornado

* St. Louis BBQ anyone?

* day trips to Nauvoo

* a gallon of milk for $1.88...beat that North Carolina!!!

* biking to and from work

* going back to being a one-car family

* having a TV that doesn't get TV

* learning whether or not a yellow toilet gets dirty faster than a white one

* living close to a temple, again, and not having to call ahead to make appointments


Tassi Smith said...

I am so glad you arrived and the move went well. Good luck.

Tammy and Alvin said...

Well, now that you've moved, there's one less item on our top 10 things we miss about NC.

We don't miss the train, the lake in the backyard, mice, etc. either.

I'm totally excited for you to become Cardinals fans. Enjoy the All-Star game.

If you see my parents or little brother around, be sure to say hi.


Shanna said...

That is exciting guys. Enjoy your new advetures

Cara said...

I am so glad everything went well with your move. It looks like your truck was quite full!! I have the pleasure of doing that at the end of this month... not exactly looking fwd to it! But, enjoy getting to know your new area and home!!

Emma said...

MMMMmmmmm Rita's water ice. Haven't had that for YEARS!!!

Sounds like a new adventure for you guys. Have fun!