Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Did you know that November is NaBloWriMo ??? Or, for us not-in-the-knowers, National Blog Writing Month.

It's an annual
challenge to post on your blog each and every day throughout the 30 days of

My watch says it is the 3rd, which means I am 2 days late. But I don't really care. I think I will still try to post something every day for the remainder of this month. Don't worry, I will try my absolute hardest to keep things interesting. Mind you, it might not be as interesting to you as it is to me. Oh well. Maybe I'll share some deep thoughts too and that would be interesting.

I think I will start with Halloween.

Everyone else is doing it. I did go a bit overboard with Halloween this year so I have a lot to post/share and so I will probably split it up a bit. Also, I will go in reverse order. So, here are the kiddies in their costumes...

I did make Haylee's costume. 100 % by myself. I thought once or 10 times about sending it out to my mom to finish but I didn't. It was hard, well, not difficult in method really, difficult in trying to learn the language of a Simplicity Pattern (simple my eye!) I do much better with tutorials than patterns. No tissue paper either, hate that stuff. Anyway it is sooo not perfect so please don't look too closely but I think it turned out cute. I like the wings the best.

Also...Haylee just floated and danced around the place whenever she put it on, I half expected her to burst out with "I Feel Pretty" even though she didn't. But wearing it made her feel special and
I love that!
Was it worth it? For her, yes!

The Butterfly

Say Happy Halloween!

One more note of interest. We were warned ahead of time (and I'm glad we were) that St. Louis does Trick-or-Treating a little different than most places. The candy handerouters request a joke or riddle before they will give you your candy. Kind of fun.

Here are some of my favorites that I heard:

What do you call a monster who ate your mother?

Gladiator (Glad he ate her)

What's the difference between roast beef and green peas?

You can roast beef but you can't pee green.
(I beg to differ. I knew someone who did just that, once, not roast beef, the other one. Just beware of gummy bears mixed with bubblegum ice cream.)

Another one I thought would be really funny but the kid's mother stopped him ("I SAID to keep it CLEAN!") before he got to the punch line explaining to me that "it's not my fault, he has older brothers." I wanted to ask her whose fault it was that he had older brothers but I thought better of that idea.

Happy 3 Days after Halloween!!!


Mindy and Jason said...

LOVE the costumes! Both girls look absolutely ADORABLE! Way to go!

me said...

Also, November is Peanut Butter Lovers month. Perhaps you could combine the two and blog about that?

I am very proud of you for making that costume. You truly are an inspiration. I was thinking the other day about how I should become more homemakerish... you have inspired.

me said...

Also, I wasn't kidding about the costume... I didn't know you were such a talented lady.

me said...

Sorry, I always leave multiple comments, I will try to think of everything all at once for now on.

LoveYaMissYa said...

you are simply AMAZING! Haylee's costume looks awesome! I have simplicity patterns too... so I just don't do anything!