Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Snow Wonder...

Cousins + Snow + The new experience of sledding = Rosy, Happy Cheeks!

Yeah!!!  We had some fun times over the break with our cousins but this was our favorite activity, cold as it was.  We ALL needed to get out of the house and release some energy and sledding was the perfect way to do all that!  Twas a small hill but perfect for the younger kids enjoy without being too scary (or fast) and perfect for the grownups so we didn't have to deal with the whining every time you have to climb back up the hill.  (Do you remember that?  I do.  As a kid I remember that was the worst part of sledding.  Carrying the heavy sled all the way up the hill.  The  hills were a lot bigger in my day.  Icier too.)