Sunday, August 28, 2011

# 2 is the BIG 4

Yes, we do often no sometimes--no often, refer to her as # 2.  Nothing evil intended.  Just our #2.  Well, our #2 happened along a pretty significant birthday last week.  

Significant to us.  

Significant to her. 

Probably not so much to you.  But that's ok. :)

I hate being cliche about it (although I love using that word even though I can't figure out how to add the accent) but seriously, looking back from her third birthday she has changed so much!   I never thought our little Bree would turn out to be the chatterbox that she is.  Doesn't stop talking.  Did I say talking?  Oh, I meant to say moving.  She never stops moving.  You know what?  It's really both.  She is always wiggling and chatting away....

...on to the sentimental stuff.  Stuff I want to remember about her at this age.  So I already mentioned that she's a wiggler and a chatterbox.  But here's some more:

I'm sure most mothers/fathers feel like they are constantly being taught by their children (constantly but only realized after the fact, am I right? )  I am no different.  If I had to pick the thing Cambree has taught, and is still teaching, us the very most often and with the most emphasis, it would be that there is never ever one correct way to do anything.  Ever.  And if you think you came across the right way to do the thing that you are doing at the time, think again.  You are wrong.  Don't get it?  I most often don't get it either.  That's why I say she is still teaching me this.  This rule applies everywhere.  And nowhere.  It applies in the kitchen, at the table, in the bathroom, outside, at her bedside, in the middle of the street, in the deep end of the pool, in the checkout line at the grocery store...everywhere.  And what I am learning is that it is more than ok.  In fact, it needs to be this way.  Or that way.  It all depends.  

Wow this is a lot of text.  Fortunately, I'm not done. This is a very complex kid I'm talking about here.  Moving on...

Cambree is the queen of distraction.  She gets distracted so so easily that it drives me bonkers sometimes.  But here's the thing: she's so sneaky that she often distracts us (and many other vulnerable victims) from doing or thinking whatever we wanted to be doing or thinking to the point where I don't even realize how much I was distracted until sometime later.  I wish I could think of an example...ah, here we go.  We were 30 minutes into our bed time routine the other night (probably more like 45) and one of us was getting a bit frustrated (me) so I reminded her to please please please get her jammies on!  To her credit, she did pause to think but now I realize she most certainly was not thinking about jammies.  After a sufficiently dramatic pause, she tilted her head to the side and said, quite seriously, "how 'bout you turn your head upside down so you can have a happy face"...I was so distracted that I forgot all about whatever punishment I had threatened earlier.  

Also, very independent.  This is hard for me sometimes because like I explained to you before, there are more ways than one (my way) to complete any given task.  

Also, she has spunk.  She's a red head, what can you expect?

Also, and this is a big one, Cambree has the best imagination I have ever come across.  This is the reason why there were bats with big pink bows flying at our car one night.  Also why the collection of stains on my favorite pj shirt became a loving family of 4, complete with names and personalities.

Lastly, but one of my favorites, Cambree is so affectionate!  She is constantly giving hugs and kisses and squeeze-till-you-pops.  We love it!!!  Even if she cannot reach a normal place to kiss, she kisses what she can get.  Often this is a thigh or a toe or a knee. Even as a baby she was definitely a cuddle bug Always has responded to touch.  Always.

I don't want to say that she is exasperating so I won't.  But she keeps us on our toes (or wishing we still were on our toes from whatever the last incident was.)

So the birthday.  Ever since she first heard the Backyardigans song about pirates she's been hooked.  On Pirates.  On "arrrrrr!"   So we had a pirate party.  We were lucky to have been able to share it with so many family members here at our own home.  I love hosting parties.

  It was so much fun.

Yes, yes, I forgot to frost the back of the top of the cake...

Pirate cake pops!

My take on the pirate treasure box cake.  Can you see the key?  I was very proud of that key.

Watermelon pirate ship...complete with cannons.

We had all kinds of pirates at this party.  I guess it's our fault, Cambree and Haylee took it upon themselves to take one of the decoration flags that said "Calling all Scallywags " to the curb while waiting for everyone to get here.  Many of our pirate guests got into character too. 

Grandpa Pirates

Wiener roasting pirates

Good looking pirates

Preggo pirates/Sassy pirates
Cute pirates

Grandma pirates

Twinkie pirates

showing Uncle Twinkie some gifts... like he cares :)

and pee wee pirates (among others)

"Plunder the Booty!"

Cambree then...

Cambree now!


Tassi Smith said...

So cute! I'm glad she had a great birthday.

Tammy and Alvin said...

WOW! We are going to have to fly you out and hire you to do our kids' next birthday parties. Everything was soooo creative and perfect! Love it! And you are a cute pregnant pirate.

Emma said...

She is the most adorable birthday girl pirate I've ever seen! Must get it from her darling pregnant pirate mommy. Jules - you are SO talented! I love all of it - your girls are SO lucky to have you for their mother! And yes, I'm way impressed with the key... And the cake, and the pirate ship watermelon, and everything else too. You are amazing. Let's play soon! Erica is close by now too!