Friday, September 16, 2011

First day of...

...something.  Holy cow we've had a lot of first days this year.  Lots.  Or so it seems.  I am slowly being ushered into the Special Soccer Moms Club.

Haylee started 1st grade this year which means a full 7-hour day away from home!  This has been an adjustment for the entire family 
but we're getting the h
                                                                g of it.

The first day was  hilarious.  I wanted pics of Haylee at the bus stop and all but I was a little embarrassed to take my camera.  Glad I did.  30 parents at the bus stop, all with cameras.  30 parents waving goodbye to a bus full of anxious kids.  I'm sure the bus driver got a good laugh.

 I loved it.

Guess why this one is BIG?

Then she started a dance class.  Another first.  She  l o v e s   it!  She is still working on the coordination/step/sequence but she has mastered the poise, grace, and beauty required from  a real leotard and real dance shoes.  

Cambree is taking dance too.  She loves watching herself in the mirror wall in the dance studio.  I love watching her watch herself.  I also love seeing her little underwear poking out of her leotard, under her little pink tights!  There is a picture of me about the same age with the same wardrobe malfunction.  Used to be embarrassed.  Now I am proud to have set a fashion trend for my own 4 year old.

Both kiddos love to practice dance for their Mom and Daddy audience to any music by "John  Smith" (actually it's Josh Groban but I've stopped correcting them.)

Bree also started Talking Time this week.  This is her group speech therapy class that we started last spring.  We really like Talking Time!!!

And today...I dropped my youngest off for her first day of PRESCHOOL!!!  I honestly can't believe that I actually had a harder time of it than her.  Seriously!

This was our conversation this morning:

Bree:  Mom, I can just go all by myself.
Mom:  But I have to drive you.
Bree:  Ok, I guess you can drive me.  Then I can go all by myself...
Mom?  I might miss you a hittle bit. (that's how she says 'little')

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Holly said...

Just discovered your blog! How have I missed it all this time? Your girls are getting so big! Glad to see you are all doing well!

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