Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday BJ!

Come and gone, yes! Another year 
and the father of our lot has no reason to fear,
for although he's getting older and grayer
he's still alive and some hair's still thayer.

Oh BJ, Daddy, Doctor Beege, whoever you are...all 4 of us love you no matter how old you are!
hee hee hee, sorry about the gray bit :)

On the BIG day, 3 of us visited him at work with special cupcakes to special in fact that they required themselves to be dumped upside down and turned ugly before ready to consume. :)

Then an alfresco dinner with us and his mom.  Grilled pizza.  Yum.  We enjoyed seeing the snow still on our baby mountain even though it was warm enough to eat outside, until the sun started to go down that is.

Then, a couple days later, he got to pig out at Tucanos and enjoy a matinee showing of Hunger Games with me.  And some friends.  Nice.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a wonderful day out.

Chocolate malted cake pops were a winner this time, you should try them.

Consuming "birthday cookies" from his mom

Sporting new duds

A birthday gift takes its rightful place, all ready for flapjack flippin'

I got around to hanging this up a bit after the big day.  We call it the "Ode to BJ" wall some days.  Other days it's the "Motivation to get up" wall.  Or the "Wow, look at what I did!!!" wall.

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