Sunday, July 22, 2012


Fireworks waffles on the 4th!  See? I am a good mom.

Why we make apple pie!

Haylee likes to take pictures of Luke.  Who am I kidding?  We all like to take pics of Luke.  
We try to encourage our kids to chew like llamas and camels because at least they keep their mouths closed while there's food inside.

Milking a cow at Turkey Point

Homemade sponge ball fight with cousins Annie and Jack

Another wasp

The only boyish toy we own

Jellybean bracelets, aka not-like-a-candy-necklace-super-extra-sticky-glad-they-only-lasted-a-couple-hours-but -at-least-we-got-rid-of-some-jelly-beans bracelets

At the days of 47 float preview with cousin Kirsten

BYU ice cream in Draper!

Picnic in the shade with neighborhood friends!

Luke learning the history of his name...

and more about important Star Warsy things...

Luke having had enough learning

Ice cream with cousin Mac

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