Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Haylee, our resident 2nd grader, actually started last week.  She is doing the early track this year which means she wakes up around 6:30 and is on the beloved Flip Flop bus by 7:40.  In the first week we missed the bus twice which caused a whole lot of reconsidering from her non-morning-person mom but I think we're starting to get the hang of it.  AND it's worth it.  Instead of getting home at 4pm, she's home by 2:40!  I actually get to see her during the week!

This early morning business is wearing her out.  Every night she is sooo ready to crawl in bed.  Which is nice.  What's not so nice?  The growing up and getting emotional and caring about big girl things.  For example:

Haylee:  Mom, when do girls start shaving their legs?
Mom:  Uhhh....why?
Haylee:  Because my legs are getting too hairy and I want to-
Mom:  YOU can't start shaving till you go to middle school!

Bree, our Kindergartner, started yesterday.  No trauma, no nerves, nothing.  Got on the bus with a forced hug from mom and a couple pictures and she was off.  When she got off the bus I asked her what she did on her first day.  She told me she couldn't remember.  Upon being pestered for details (hey, that's my job!) she told me she was too tired and busy to think back and answer my questions.

"You can take 2 pictures of me Mom!"

Getting off the bus to come home on the first day!

I eventually got some details though.  She drew some kind of picture of herself.  She recognized a bunch of kids in her class from the neighborhood and from preschool.  She played hopscotch and on the slide during recess.  Her teacher told her to shut the door when she was in the bathroom.  She has a new best friend but doesn't know what her name is.  She did not sit at a table or desk, just on the carpet "like the one at preschool" (really?), the whole day.  She sang "I am a  Child of God" (yeah right, I don't believe that one).  The boy bus driver told her she would ride his bus "forever".

Finally, Luke, our 9 month old, has become 100% mobile.  He's been rolling and sort of bear scooting all over the place for a while but now he can do this:

There is almost nothing he can't get his hands (and therefore his mouth) on in our house.  So Cambree and I pulled out the outlet covers the other day since he seems to gravitate toward outlets.  And Luke tried to eat the outlet covers which led to a very disgruntled big sister.  

What a funny expression, almost as if to say "Really Mom?  Another picture?" or "If you think you're gonna stop me from getting these with a camera in your hands, you're WRONG!"

We also installed a baby gate which has made life just a little more interesting for everyone who walks in our home.  A hassle? Yes.  But it's worth it.  No more Luke on the stairs.

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Tammy and Alvin said...

Love the pictures of Bree! I also thinks it's cute how Haylee snaps the bookbag across her chest. Makes it looks like she's real grown up and must be carrying 5 heavy textbooks on her back. ;)
Is Kindergarten half day or full day? Does Bree go to the same school as Haylee, but rides a different bus? Or are they at different schools? Exciting times!