Sunday, February 10, 2013

Handsome Boys and Lacy Ladies

I can only wonder what you might have guessed I meant with that title.  Probably you guessed I was going to write about the handsome boys that live in our home and perhaps the lacy dress-ups the girls have been wearing of late.  But you would be wrong.

Today Haylee was singing this:  "I wish I had a nickel, I wish I had a dime. I wish I had a handsome boy to love me all the time..."


Never mind that I may or may not recall chasing boys to kiss them on the playground in the 2nd grade.  Things are different now.  I am the mother.  She is the daughter.  I am not ready for boys and kissing and "love me all the times"!  Not that this has been our first encounter with warmish feelings toward the opposite sex.  But hearing her sing about it...Ah!!!

Speaking of love (it is Valentine's day soon right?) Cambree has been bitten  by the bug too.  Yes!  My sweet (rarely) little, innocent (hardly) kindergartner!  She has been telling us all about how her buddy (guess he's more than a buddy) Aiden is going to be her husband, about how she is in love with Aiden, about how Aiden is her

one true love.

Believe it folks.

Also today, Cambree decided to pull out the Des News and get caught up on current events.  More power to her, I think.  Although she will probably only be able to understand an (ever growing) handful of words.  No sooner had she gotten to page 3f that I hear exclamations of

"OOH! Lacy ladies!"


"Missionaries fighting"


"OH, look at these bad dudes!"

Not really what I want my 5 year old focusing in on.  Mostly the lacy ladies bit.  I guess I forgot the newspaper contained pictures.

And then there's this little guy. He is finally feeling better.  Finally.  And we are finally seeing the old Luke back.  HOORAY!  What a character, this one.  Thinks he's so funny.  It is close to impossible to keep this one still.  It was a strange, albeit sweet, feeling to be able to cuddle so much with this one when he was sick because well, there is no cuddling these days.

You ever have those moments, or days, when you get a kick in the pants letting you know that your kids are growing up?  Kind of like an "Ah ha"  moment but more along the lines of "Wait!  NO! Slow down!"

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