Wednesday, January 14, 2009

December Highlights

Cambree and her Uncle Twinkie at one of the times when she should have been sleeping but really just wanted to come downstairs and play games with us.

Elefun! Cambree's smiling because although she had no clue how to play the game or that there was even a game going on, she was in the middle of 4 squealing big girls!

Grandma's bathtub is much cooler than ours!

Marianne (BJ's mom) made matching jammies for all the girl cousins. While the whole process of getting them all done in time was a bit stressful, they turned out least we thought so. These are my attempts to capture the matchingness. As you can see, they were all very willing to comply.

"I'm gonna take a picture, go stand next to BJ if you want to be in it!"
We went with all the rest of BJ's family to see the lights on temple square on Christmas eve. It was cold as always and I guess that is why Haylee was such a grump, but it was just nice to be together and here all the oohs and ahs from the kids.

Haylee was so excited to go play in the snow since she hasn't seen much of it out here in Carolina. Her cousin Sami got to teach her how to make a snowman and angels and all that...

These 2, above and below, are probably some of my favorites from our trip...why? Because they show personality I guess. Below is very typical of Bree, trying to fit as much food, not normal food, big people food, into her mouth at one time as possible

Jack: "Hey Haylee! What level can you get to on Grandma's tank game? I can get to level 2!"
Haylee: "Huh? Uh, I'm playing princess right now..."
He convinced her to play the tank game. I wasn't so sure hearing them all intense on shooting and all but it was hilarious to watch (oops, bad mother moment) and I love their faces on this one!

Our first time ice skating in who knows how long...we enjoyed spending the evening holding hands (not each others') and catching Annie :) Haylee refused to try it but had a ball watching us go around and around...every time we got back to her side she'd jump and scream "HI MOM AND DAD!"
Haylee and 3 of her cousins taking turns on Grandma Jan's lap for story time...


Mindy and Jason said...

making me miss the family even more.....great pictures! Love you lots!

Sandy said...

I feel so old looking at you and BJ - young mom and dad. Your kids are cute and growing so fast. Miss talking with you. We'll have to find you in NC I guess. Love you!

Tassi Smith said...

Thanks for sharing something new. Those are all great photos. Cambree and Camden are alike when it comes to cramming food in the mouth.

Emma said...

So sad we missed you! Looks like you had a fun trip. I love how you capture personality in the pics. Your kids are so stinkin' cute! Love ya!