Sunday, January 25, 2009

Legendary Snow

Finally, we get some snow in NC worth talking about! None of this .25 inches stalling traffic on I40 for 6 hours business. Nope, we got real snow! The total accumulation was about 3-4 inches I'd guess and everything shut down. Even BJ's workaholic preceptor "guessed it'd be safer if he stayed at home" (the beast) so we enjoyed it together! It snowed pretty much all day long and it was just gorgeous outside! No snow covered mountains for our back drop, oh in fact, as soon as we went outside Haylee commented on all the snow but asked me where the mountains were!

Yes, we did play outside for a bit even though it took longer to get everybody bundled up than we were actually outside. Cambree wasn't too keen on all her wet layers and Haylee's non waterproof shoes and 2T flood pants, oh, I mean snow pants did little to keep them warm and toasty. :) Yes Mom, I am kicking myself for leaving the boots and bigger snowpants out in Utah!


Mindy and Jason said...

love the pictures!

Rachel said...

that was such an amazing storm. i couldn't believe we were in north carolina as we watched it fall and fall and fall. we left all our cold weather gear in Utah too. i was pretty disappointed, but we managed to improvise. of course, kids don't seem to feel the cold the same way we do, so i was the only one really whining about being cold. :)