Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is it with wildlife in my house?!?!

So we cleaned out the car today. Quite the process. I string together about 7 extension cords to get the vacuum to reach our car. While doing this, I leave the front door open a bit to leave room for the cords to go through. Today just happened to be extra extra windy - not that that had anything to do with what happened. We completed the job fairly uneventfully and dragged everything back in to get Cambree up from her nap. I stopped in the kitchen to grab a drink and I saw this whitish black stuff on the counter. Wow, that looks surprisingly like bird droppings I thought... but no. Probably it was something that came from someone's nose or worse, mouth. I headed upstairs preparing myself for whatever might be in Cambree's diaper.

...2 minutes later Haylee runs upstairs, "Uh Mom, come downstairs. I want to show you something."

"In a minute, my hands are-"

"It's a bird! In the pantry!"

I thought it was funny that Haylee was the calm one here. My first instinct was to grab the broom and shoo that dang thing out the door, screaming at it all the while. Well that of course, scared that blasted bird into flying all over the place, leaving his, shall we say mark? all around the house. After watching the bird smack into the sliding door 5 or 6 times it occurred to me to open it up. Finally, after what seemed like a long time but really wasn't (just long enough for Cambree to find a not so hidden bag of Vday candy, tear into it, and get chocolate everywhere) we got the bird to fly out the back door.

We spent a good part of the remainder of the afternoon searching for and cleaning up bird droppings. At least it didn't come upstairs. Well, we hope it didn't. We have no evidence of that...yet.

Many of you know we've had mice issues ever since we've lived here. I despise mice. But, as Haylee very intelligently remarked while we were cleaning up, "Maybe the birds will chase the mice away."

That's my girl. Always looking on the bright side...

I later wondered why I freaked out as I did. Maybe it's because I watched part of Hitchcock's The Birds movie yesterday. Or maybe it's because unleashed, unwanted, living animals do not belong inside. That, I have determined, is why we have doors and I intend to keep mine shut from now on. We'll have to figure out another way to clean out the car.


me said...

You had bird poop all over your house? That is REALLY funny!
Also, I am pretty sure BJ would be in for a surprise if you caught one of those mice and put it in the... well, you know. What a surprise for him to lift the lid and behold such a treat. If I had mice in my house that is what I would do. I am surprised with how much food Maddox throws around here that I don't have mice in my house.

Mindy and Jason said...

hahahahahaha....still laughing!

Ryan said...

This is hilarious. I'm surprised that with the mice and birds, no one in your house made the Cinderella connection. She didn't seem to mind the unleashed friends.