Friday, March 6, 2009

The Best Christmas Gift EVER!

While I was off at scout camp lounging around, training to become a lifeguard Julie was at home slaving away on my Christmas gift ever. Yes she finished it before Christmas and I am just tardy in posting to the blog.

If you can't tell she took all my old swimming T-shirts and turned them into a quilt. How cool is that? Very cool. After you ask, "how did she do that" only one question remains...
Is 11 T-shirts enough for a marathon themed quilt or do I need to run more?


Rachel said...

Wow! Julie, very impressive. I've seen t-shirt quilts around, but nothing quite this cute. Way to go!

And good boy, BJ, for posting your appreciation.

Emma said...

Wow Jules! Nice job!
So - I didn't realize BJ was from Cottonwood Heights!!! We lived there for two years! (after we moved away from the townhome in Midvale where you visited us.) Ok so I'm sure it came up, but I didn't remember because we hadn't lived there yet. COOL!

Julie said...

Thanks. I just wanted to take this time to say publicly that no, 11 marathon t-shirts is not enough!