Saturday, March 14, 2009

26.2 Miles of Pure Romance

Amazing...that he can do it that is.

So we dropped the kiddies off with their cousin Jaina, oh and the rest of the family, for a fun-filled weekend in Sanford, NC while we headed off for a romantic weekend getaway in Myrtle Beach.

BJ was out the door around 5ish on Vday to make it to the starting line for the MB Marathon...his head full of romantic thoughts I'm sure.

I slept in enough to see him at mile 4, 14, and 26!!! The race route was such that I could see him a bunch without having to drive anywhere, I just walked and it was so nice, even if I did feel like I had run a marathon by the end of the day too from the way my feet hurt! I know, how dare I compare the two!?! Despite soggy pants (from the rain!) and sore feet, I thoroughly enjoyed myself cheering my lungs out for hundreds of people I'd never met. I definitely outdid it with an all out "Run Honey Run!" right at The Finish (We love you Jamie and Bryce!)

By the way, BJ ran a fabulous race. He got to run a portion of it with a good friend, Ben Holladay, which I think he enjoyed. Overall, he had fun and felt good the whole way. I couldn't be more proud!


Cara said...

Congrats BJ! How do you do it? I am training for a half and I am not sure I'm going to make it to the finish line!!

Jan said...

Did somebody once say that runners make good lovers??? Regardless, BJ once again we are amazed that you keep running and you do it so well. Job well done!

Mindy and Jason said...

You finally got a finish-line pic! Hooray!!!!! You should add the pics of Haylee's run the same day, would be too cute!

Tassi Smith said...

Yea! That is awesome. You are a very good wife to support him in rain. Way to go Julie and BJ.