Saturday, April 11, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

So, while BJ and I were romancing in MB SC, Haylee ran her very first race too back in Sanford with her cousins. A kids' 1 mile fun run. I know she had fun and was even more impressed with herself to see that she got a bib number just like Daddy's!

Then poor, strong Aunt Mindy got to push Haylee and Cambree (and another nameless toddler) through an entire 5k. Go Min!

Please note Haylee's racing attire. Skirts with hearts on them (for Vday of course) do help you run faster.

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me said...

Don't you know running skirts are the thing now? (Although BJ is probably fighting the trend) Her tights also must have helped her run even faster. That is great!