Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Season to Celebrate

BJ's birthday, Julie's birthday and Easter come very close together for our family...they sort of just get all combined together into one big, extended holiday (sort of like how every state east of the Mississippi is like one big state to someone who lived in Salt Lake all his life) But no one's complaining here. Parties, cake, candy, presents and extra time spent with cousins make for a giddy, if extremely overtired, happy family.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Making apple pie for Mommy's bday...I didn't help one bit, well except for some tips here and there, and it tasted delicious.

This year, I was concerned more about getting a picture of the girls in their new, homemade, Easter jammies than in their dresses. Probably since I stitched and unstitched each pair an average of 3 times. So, although my seam ripper is now duller than the blunt end of my butter knives, I have successfully completed sewing my first items of clothing.

Sweet Haylee. She is always one to keep things in perspective. Why do we celebrate Easter I ask? Because Mommy. Jesus was "rerected" and He got lots of big owies because He loves us.

Look Mom, no hands!

First egg hunt for both kids. Once we explained how it worked they did great, well for the most part. We thought Haylee would be pretty hesitant because it was new and all and she usually is with stuff like this but somehow this time, she overcame her anxieties and raced the big kids for the eggs.

Cambree had a couple handicaps. For example, she doesn't run very well on uneven ground without watching where she's going and carrying something other than, say, a half-empty sippy cup. She fell a bunch, not that she cared or even noticed. Secondly, she opened each egg she found and ate the contents on location. Often the contents spilled in the muddy grass and she ended up with mystery "jelly beans". I don't think she'll be one of those kids that keeps her Halloween candy through the 4th of July.


Tassi Smith said...

I love the recent post. Very cute. I miss you guys. I feel like I never get to see you and you will be gone soon.

Sara said...

Julie, great job on the jammies! Isn't it thrilling to get those projects of love accomplished! I have a dull seam ripper too . . .

Kristie said...

Loved the pjs, you did a great job on them; the ripping things out more than once is why I don't sew. The girls are adorable and looked like they loved egg hunting. It is so fun watching the girls grow up. Mine are growing to big too soon.

Emma said...

Hey Jules! Nice jammies! I like how you did the t-shirts to match the bottoms. Seam ripper... I definitely need to get me one of those.

Happy late late late birthday by the way. Love ya!