Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Move

So...the move. Crazy that something we thought about and stressed over for so long is finally over. Well, kind of. But yes, we made it safely here to our new home in St. Louis. Here are a couple things we experienced and/or noticed during our trip:

loading and reloading and shoving as much of our junk as possible in a too small truck and then having to leave a bunch of things behind anyway,

it is impossible not to have an "odds and ends" box

2-kid trikes can be transported on a trunk bike rack (although they do obscure your vision enough to make changing lanes a bit tricky)

worrying that Cambree had pink eye during the two days we were on the road,

noticing that BJ's sister Mindy doesn't believe her cell phone is capable of transmitting her normal voice,

Cambree deciding at a dirty gas station toilet somewhere in Tennessee that she was ready to start potty training,

how much more enjoyable it is to look at the hind side of a Budget truck as opposed to a Penske,

that, at least between the Triangle and the Mississippi, there are at least 3 x more Cracker Barrels than there are McDonalds,

a good friend's tip to number all the boxes and then keep a notebook with a detailed description of the contents is a fantastic idea! Just a suggestion though, make sure you don't pack that notebook away...ours is still missing!!!

So yes, overall, a good move. We were so blessed/surprised/very relieved to have so much help on both ends, including BJ's mom and sister Mindy, especially here in the near 100 degree heat!!! And, yes, MO is just as humid as it is in NC!!!

We are making lots of progress unloading and unpacking boxes to the point where our place has become rather homey. Luckily, we are now the proud renters of a house with a basement. It is the perfect place for all the boxes that we don't quite know what to do with yet.

So yes, the house. Everyone's most favorite aspect about the house is by far the backyard. It is fenced in, there is a beautiful wild flower bed, a swing, a porch that is ideal for our new mini pool (given to us by our neighbors) and some grass (even if it is a bit itchy and possibly full of chiggers).

We probably had more boxes labeled "kitchen" than all other labels combined...funny thing, the kitchen is the smallest room in the house


josh, erica, nora and wells said...

Oh! Your post just reminded me how much I HATE moving. So glad yours is almost over... enjoy your basement and new backyard!

Mindy and Jason said...

glad to finally see apic of the house!

other Mindy?

can't wait to visit you next week, but not looking forward to our own moving adventure