Friday, June 5, 2009

Yesterday I Learned...

...that changing a # 2 diaper is amazingly more difficult if you change it immediately after the wearer of that diaper consumes 1/2 a bottle of syrup. I guess I shouldn't have used the term "consumed" because I really don't know how much she actually swallowed. By the time I got to her though, she was pretty frustrated. First, the syrup was all gone. Second, her eyelids were stuck mostly shut. Her arms too were "glued" half bent at the elbows so that she couldn't really move them either. Her hair was stuck (literally) out straight. As I prepared her for a bath, I noticed that various rolls and creases in her body were also stuck together.

Yes, our "busy" little almost 2 year old likes syrup. She also happens to be a very good climber (I think she gets that from her rock climber uncle) and can pretty much get to whatever she wants. So she saw her chance while Mom was busy on the phone for 5 minutes.

There have been aftershocks too. Like, every time I pull out the toaster (which happened to be on the counter while Cambree had her snack) there is a puddle, if you can call it that, of syrup underneath it. I've tried to clean it out 3 times. Also, there is still all kinds of syrup somewhere inside the handle of the dishwasher so that every time we open it, our hands become covered in sticky gunk. Finally, each and every time someone goes up (0r down) the stairs, our feet stick to the carpet.

How grateful I am for the many opportunities my children give me to laugh each day. One kid just happens to give me more of those opportunities than the other one.

My only regret is not having a camera to take a picture of the whole thing.


Mindy and Jason said...

We are laughing our heads off! That child of yours!!!.....Love it!

Shanna said...

That is so yucky I am sorry!