Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grandma Time x 2

Yet another plethora of pictures to make you wish you could come and visit the Edwards fam in St. Louie. Seriously. If you visit, we will see that you are entertained.

BJ's mom Marianne and our nephew Tyson came out for a week. I think Tyson was a little upset that he didn't get to visit us while we lived in NC so we could take him to the beach (as we did with Kirsten, Josh, Hope, and Sami) but I think we did a pretty good job coming up with alternative activities. (Let me just note that as we froze our hineys off while doing all these alternate activities, we may have thought once or twice how nice it would to be boogie boarding instead but nevermind. We had fun.)

stop 1
Meremac Caverns, the official hideout (it is a proven fact) of Jesse James et. al and hiding place of his booty (and all the stuff he stole)
This was very cool, unlike some of the other caves we had seen. Dark and moist and a little difficult to walk around in with a wiggly kid in your backpack at times but some of the formations were really spectacular (that's a fancy word for really neat).

This right here (above) is a ginormous mound of pure onyx.

stop 2
We went to the arch again but this time we went all the way up.

Whoa, who took that cool picture???

(so Ty could say he touched the Arch, Haylee, as you can see, didn't quite understand why she was doing it too but still wanted to be in the pic)

At the top. Notice the tini tiny windows behind us. Great view of the Cardinals ball park. It just may have been the closest we will get to going inside.

stop 3
Not a stop really, this was more like a visit. We revisited Eckerts Farm (where we picked our apples) only this time, our purpose was to pick our pumpkins and play around at the carnival-like atmosphere. We all decided to kill a couple birds with one stone and got another bunch of apples on the way out to the pumpkin patch. It wasn't hard to carry both the apples and the pumpkins all over the place and chase after our runaway 2 year old...just in case you were wondering.

Tyson chose a smaller pumpkin so it would fit in his backpack to take back home to Utah.

One cannot walk by one of these insert-your-head-here thingies without taking a picture. It took a couple tries but Ty finally got the expression right.

Lastly, I must tip my hat off to Tyson. He was quite the trooper to put up with the 2 girls (as he had to sit in between them in the back seat whenever we were in the car) and their poking and squealing and such. Also, I had heard he was a pretty picky eater but he tried, and ate everything I made him. (He did alter the seasonings of each with his own garlic salt but that's ok, I wasn't offended in the least.) He is a very fun kid to be around and definitely made the week more enjoyable. Marianne did too. (But that's a given, Grandmas always have fun, I just didn't want to leave anyone out. :) I regret to say that there are some pictures I cannot post of Ty and the girls but I don't have them. Even if I did he probably would never talk to me again if I did.


Tammy and Alvin said...

The closest you'll get to going in? That was a joke, right? You can't experience St. Louis without going to a ball game. We'll be in St. Louis the Mon before Christmas is you're still going to be there.

me said...

also, we are going to live 3 hours from each other.

Emma said...

I already want to come visit you in St. louis - but yes, this post makes me want to even more! Did you know that Meet me in St. Louis is one of my alltime faves! AWESOME pic of the arch, by the way. Very cool.