Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandma Time!!!

My (Julie's) mom came out to visit a couple weeks ago and while we enjoyed every minute of her stay (the girls especially) the highlight had to be our apple picking adventure! We took a wonderfully bumpy hayride out to the fields and got to shine the apples on our pants and test them out, right fresh from the tree. Cambree probably "tested" 8 or 9. So fun.

I remember picking apples (not so) long ago when my family was in MI and just how fun it was. When I heard that there are orchards around here to pick your own I put it on our to-do list immediately. Not that I remember much from my childhood picking days, but I picture apple picking to be very romantic. Why? Because I can't think of apple picking without picturing the scene from Anne right at the end when she and Catherine (with a "c") are picking apples (you know, right before the diamond sunbursts and marble halls on the bridge scene?) and Anne says she wants to make sure Marilla has 2 full bushels....we didn't get that much but we did a bunch.

Sorry, I digress. This post was supposed to be about my mom's visit. I just realized that I don't have any pictures of her at all from when she was here...probably because she took all the pictures. Sorry. She really was here though. Besides apple picking, we had a picnic at the park and found my local fabric store and played lots in the backyard and played adult games at night (oops, what I really mean is nonkid games...meaning that we didn't play Zingo or Memory after the kiddies were in bed). Oh, and she rented a car so we had wheels to go places during the day! It was wonderful! We are already, literally, counting down till Turkey Day when we shall see Grandma Jan again, only this time she gets to bring Grandpa along too. YEAH!!!

Fearless this one...she wanted to make her Uncle Twinkae proud rock climbing at 2!

We also took my mom to what has become one of my favorite places here in St. Louis. The Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. If you've been to the one in Arlington, it's pretty similar. It is enormous! I think it is the 2nd largest national cemetery in the country. Acres upon acres of perfectly positioned, evenly spaced headstones dating way back. If you come visit, we'll take you too.


Cara said...

How fun! I love apple picking and "testing" out the apples to make sure they're ripe! :) I never thought about apple picking being romantic (only b/c I've only ever done it with little kids!) but now that you mentioned that scene from Anne, I will think of that more often when I go apple picking! Your girls are so cute and I am sure they LOVED time with Grandma Jan! I miss you guys! Glad to hear things are going well!

Emma said...

That looks fun and delicious! I must put that on my to-do list. You are a hopeless romantic like myself and Anne... :)
How fun to have some good times with Grandma Jan. The girls are darling, as always.

Mindy and Jason said...

Love the pictures! Looks lik eya'll had a good visit, I'm a tad bit jealous, though...miss you!!!!!!

Jenna said...

We have 7 apple trees packed with apples. Yet another reason to move to Utah...just saying.