Friday, January 22, 2010

It's SNOW Fun

Oh, I am sooo the Queen of cheesy post titles.

We had some frigid temps a couple weeks ago and luckily, we were rewarded with about 3 inches of snow. Snow, glorious snow! Can I tell you how excited I was to peek through the blinds that morning and see that the weather man didn't lie this time? (Just a side note, back in school, I used to do just that: peek through the mini blinds as soon as I woke up hoping for a snow day. I still do it, every single morning from Halloween to Easter. I did in NC, I do it here. When my hopes are dashed, I always say, though often internally, "no snow" in a very dejected sort of way. BJ thinks I'm a little strange but sometimes I catch him doing it too.) Oh, and the girls were excited too. We bundled up and headed out to play/shovel the driveway. Oh, how cold it was! The girls hid in the garage where the wind couldn't get them after just a few minutes of snowy bliss. But they still had fun.

As my children have extremely mature palates, you can imagine how excited they were to add 2-day old snow to their favorite foods list, right up there with risotto and fruit snacks.

Funny thing about the above picture. As I stood there trying to find the best angle to take it, I couldn't figure out what that dark spot was. The tree wasn't casting a shadow, nor was Cambree or the house. Took me a couple minutes but I finally realized (after I snapped) that it was my shadow. Duh. Oh, but it gets better. Just now as I was browsing through the pics on the computer to post, I came to this one and leaned over so there wouldn't be a shadow!!! Guess what? It didn't move!

That sneaky bite her lip grin, love it.

Oh, but let's save the best for last, shall we?

Recall your childhood days and tell me if this is not what everyone does when they come inside from playing in the snow:

1. Push and shove to be the first one inside

2. Tug off all soggy, snow covered clothing items and leave them in the middle of the doorway so when the snow melts, Mom steps in the puddle and has to change her socks

3. Beg for hot chocolate

4. Burn your tongue on the hot chocolate because you're so cold you can't wait 30 seconds for your ice cube to melt

Am I right? I mean, seriously folks. I remember each of those steps (well, not the step in the snow puddle part but maybe my own mother can recall) and my kids performed all 3 very well. Only, they went the extra mile and added a couple steps in-between # 3 and 4.

3a. Get your cups, full of Swiss Miss ( the mini marshmallow variety of course) but no water yet and fight over who gets pink and who gets purple, during which, the contents of both get dumped onto the mopped 4 days ago and very nasty floor below

3b. Finger paint in the hot chocolate powder. "But Mom, we did it before with pudding!"

So creative, these ones. Always looking for ways to increase their tactile sensitivity.

I made them cups of the real thing after I did the first wipe up.

3 days later, after mopping twice, our feet still stick to the floor where they powder painted.


jkmeyers said...

Hey Queen of Cheese - do you prefer Gorgonzola or Gouda? I LOVE your posts to your blog. Your coming in from outside , finger painting, and shadow episodes made me lol . You are good therapy for a grandma miles away:)

Mindy and Jason said...

HAHAHA! Love it! ANd yes, you guys did beat us in cold temps, we were wram, had it to almost 40 degrees 2 days ago, amazing!
Miss your girls, proud of their palates, and their mom's soggy socks!
Have you tried fresh snow with hot (the real thing) maple syrup poured over it? Our friends from Vermont taught us that, yummy!

LoveYaMissYa said...

I'm so glad you share these things with us all. It makes it seem like you're not so far away! Oh how we miss you! I can't believe how much Bree looks like Haylee! So cute!

Tassi Smith said...

I was laughing out loud. You are too funny. Sadly my childhood was not about stripping our snow wet clothes off. It was about surviving in 110+ temps and if it dropped into the 50's you better believe we had our large jackets and gloves on. BRRRRRR!!!

millie said...

If your girls love snow I know a great place in Utah that gets feet of snow! Yes we are still buried in the snow :(
I love to read your posts, they always put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing
love you guys!