Monday, March 15, 2010


I found a wonderful recipe for chocolate play dough here and made it for the girls the other day.

(Just a tip: if you try making this, make sure your water is really boiling before you add it so the salt dissolves. Ours was a bit grainy.)

We made cupcakes and cookies and they actually smelled authentic! The dough smelled delicious! So much so that even though I knew there was tons of salt and no sugar in it, I had to try it anyway as did both girls. YUCK!

Sometimes, I'll just crack open the bag and take a sniff.

Just for fun.

When no one's looking.


Mindy and Jason said...

chocolate that's a new one for me... you are an awesome mom!

jkmeyers said...

I wonder if the smell of chocolate would satisfy the urge for scavenging to search for chocolate chips. Hmmm. And.........What a creative mommy you are. Love you tons!!!!!