Friday, March 26, 2010

Smarty Pants

Many folks put their kids into preschool around age 3. We noticed this especially in NC where kindergarten starts as a full day. Well, situations for us have not been such that it has worked out to get Haylee into preschool. Recently, I heard about a local high school with a parenting class that offers an extremely discounted form of preschool taught by the students. We've just wanted her in some kind of program to get her ready in some way to enter into the world of BIG KIDS this fall.
(Hold on, this fall? As in 5 months away??? )

You know what I mean: backpacks, lunchboxes, school busses, kickball, cubbies, paste, "you're not invited to my birthday party anymore"s, standing in line, raising your hand, trading desserts at lunch time, chasing boys at recess...

According to Haylee though? She's already there.

When I picked her up that first day I told her how much I missed her and casually asked her whether she missed me too. I was full on expecting a big hug and a "Yes MOM!" but do you know what she said?

She said: "Uh...actually Mom, I didn't even think about you. Nope, not once. Can I have a cookie when we get home?"

Stab to the heart. :)

It was a balmy 55 or so when we left. Hence Cambree's backwards winter hat and loner mitten.

"Bye Haya!"

So we're eating breakfast the morning of the first day and Haylee asks me what she's going to do at school. Among other things, I mention that she might talk about letters and I decide that a good mother wouldn't waste this perfect opportunity to review, right?

So I begin: Haylee, what sound does 'p' make?

(long pause, right when it's starting to get a bit uncomfortable I decide to prompt)

Mom: C'mon, you know this one! Pizza, Party, Purple, Panda...

Smarty Pants: Oh, you mean the letter 'p' sounds like puh. (DUH)

Ha ha ha. The fact that she wasn't even trying to be funny just makes it funnier. Also the fact that during the "long pause" she was possibly trying to decide how to mimic the sound of pee is funny too. Yes, we have potty (in all its forms) on the brain in our house...24/7. Want another example?

While reading about Eric Carle's extra hungry caterpillar, Cambree refused to let anyone call the cocoon anything other than POOP. Haylee and I were pretty emphatic but she was too. So she threw the book. End of story.


Mindy and Jason said...


So glad you found a pre-school for Haylee and love the 1st Day of Pre-school pics.

Just wondering, why did you start with the letter "P"?

Kristie said...

So it does really tear at your heart when they say things like they didn't think of you all day. A couple of months age Gideon told me "Mom you know I will only be around for 3 more years" I told thanks why don't you just rip my heart out and stomp on it.

Tassi Smith said...

Your girls are too cute. I was thinking about your family the other day. We miss you guys. I hope all is well in St. Louis.