Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Proud Parents

I cannot count how many times I tried to work with Cambree on writing her name.  Or any letters at all.  Nothing.  Till now.  She brought this paper home the other day and I was floored!  

Thank you preschool.  Thank you Miss. Emily.  Thank you Cambree for trying and learning and succeeding.  I cannot imagine feeling more pride in my daughter than I do every time I look at this first specimen of her writing her own name!!!  Such a seemingly insignificant accomplishment for some but for us, this was HUGE! 

Another thing I want to remember about our little Bree.  
Who am I kidding?  Our big Bree.

Every night (ok, most nights) when I go in to check on her I'm always very careful not to adjust her covers too much or kiss her or whatever because she seems to wake up easily.  But lately, she has been waking up.  She opens her eyes, smiles at me, and stretches out her arms.

For a hug.

Then she rolls over and goes back to sleep.

My heart melts.

Seriously???  Who lets their kid sleep with so many "friends?"
I don't.  Not on purpose anyway.  They all migrate into bed with her sometime after her 13th blow kiss.


me said...

Maddox also sleeps with that many friends. Today he told me he wishes he could have every Saber-tooth Tiger in the world sleep on his bed with him. He also calls them "friends." We also try to limit but I have lost the will to battle it anymore.

LoveYaMissYa said...

That's so great! Congrats to you all! I only hope Ben will get there eventually too! He has NO interest in writing any letters!

Mindy and Jason said...

Jaina still has her "babies" that all get tucked in with her and around her room. Sometimes she makes me kiss them all good night, too.