Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Day

Reverse order anyone?  This year I have even more Halloween pics than usual because the girls got to wear their costumes so many different times before the actual BIG day.  But I thought I'd start out with that BIG day first.   

I tried to low key it this year.  But things didn't really seem low key at all.  Why should they?  We have too many traditions that we/I weren't/wasn't willing to give up.  Costumes were definitely simplified this year but that's ok I think.  Know why?  Because both kids were thrilled with their costumes.  Never mind the imperfections I noticed with what I made.  They loved them and were so so sexcited 
each and every time 
they wore them.

For the one who likes to make messes, it took some serious convincing to get her to get her hands in that guck!

At the school parade.  Horrible lighting + unready me = not that great a pic.

She was cold.  This was before trick-or-treating.

We had a peacock (with floppy, but cool, feathers) and a pink and orange butterfly.  Ok, so there's not really any orange anywhere on her costume unless you count her hair but that's what she told everyone she was.

" You want me to punch you with this ring?!?!"


Kristie said...

I love the costumes, the girls are getting so big. By the way could you make some of the pants Haylee had on?

Cara said...

Just catching up on your recent posts. Such adorable costumes and it sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun! Miss you :)