Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Butterfly Performs

Like I said earlier, the girls (well, mainly Cambree) had multiple opportunities to wear their costumes.  Cambree to her speech therapy group, preschool and dance class.  

These first pics are from her preschool Halloween singing performance.  I was so glad to go because she had been singing snippets of all the songs she was learning but it was hard to tell what was really what.  It was so fun to watch her perform with her class.  My favorite part was during a break in between 2 songs when it was almost quiet, she says 

"Hey Mom!  Take a picture of me!"

I did.  Several.

Next up is dance.  This I had been watching a bit the past couple weeks through the "mom window" in the studio and again, I couldn't wait to see it for real.  I was not disappointed.  I was also lucky that Haylee was home from school sick (did I just say that?) so that she could "make a movie" with my phone while I snapped some pics.  Cambree got SO into this dance!  I love watching her dance because it is one of the few times she is (almost) 100% focused on what she's doing.   I can tell by her face how hard she tries to follow her teacher and mimic her moves.   Ah!  Another proud parent moment!

And for your viewing pleasure, a movie.  Thanks Haylee.  (Poor kid.  Haylee had to miss her Halloween dance because she was sick.  One week of strep doesn't sound too bad.  But when you throw in a violent and very scary reaction to the first meds she took, losing about 5 pounds, and an extra emotional get my drift.  It was rough.)

Riiiiiight.  So we can't figure out how to get the movie from my phone to the computer.  Hopefully I'll remember to add it to the post as soon as it does get figured out.

Edited: We figured it out!!!  Couldn't have been more simple, ha ha ha.  Thank you Jenna.

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Tammy and Alvin said...

Cute, cute! Aren't you due sometime this month? I can't remember, but we're excited for you whenever it is!