Saturday, May 3, 2008

Greensboro Marathon...he/we made it!!!

Yeah BJ!!! We were so proud to see him cross the finish line! A little bloody, a bit chafed, and the saltiest I've ever seen him after a marathon but he looked great! My (Julie's) sister Mindy and daughter Jaina joined us for the day and we were all so glad. Haylee had a friend and I didn't get lost on my own! Actually, aside from a 2 or 3 turnarounds, we didn't have any problems at all (Mindy and I have a bit of a history of getting lost together...) This was light years ahead of the horrible disaster we experienced at the Richmond Marathon a while back. I'd come back to Greensboro anytime...not sure about BJ though, I guess there was a couple tini tiny hills on the course but hey, who wants to run a flat marathon???

The finish line was not very crowded at all and I had the absolute best spot to take a picture of BJ (from the front) as he was about to cross the finish line. But Bree, in the stroller behind me was just so cute that I had to take a quick break from watching the runners to tickle her toes. The moment I looked up he was there and it caught me off guard! Someday I will get that perfect finish line picture!!!


Stevie said...

Don't you hate it when you miss that perfect picture? Go BJ--someday I'm going to run a marathon. It'll probably be Ft Worth, and halfway through I'm sure I'll be wishing for flat! :)

I'm glad you have a blog now! I'd enter the name contest, but I'm not creative that way...

Seeing your pictures and you talking about Mindy brings back memories--I miss you guys!

Emma said...

Yea for blogging! Welcome to our world!
Congrats BJ - what an accomplishment!

Tassi Smith said...

Congrats BJ! Congrats Julie for being supportive and surviving all of the training.