Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today I was eating a piece of toast by myself for breakfast while Haylee threw a mini fit because I wouldn't let her eat princess fruit snacks for breakfast (because they're not healthy and you're supposed to have something healthy for that first meal, right?). After a couple minutes, she came in, curious what I was eating that was so healthy...here's how the conversation went:

Haylee: Is that chocolate bread?
Me: No
Haylee: Is that dang-it bread?
Me: No, it's just regular bread.

I'm a bit worried of 2 things. First, does she really think there is such a thing as "dang-it" bread? And second, where on earth did she learn that cheerful phrase?

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Jan said...

I certainly know where the "dang-it" comes from (somewhere on Tiger Drive in the Salt Lake Valley) Our Brighton Tiger will have to be careful that nothing else from that part of town makes it way into Haylee's or Cambree's vocabulary.