Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Glimpse

I am constantly amazed with babies and how their brains work. This week we got to see a glimpse into Cambree's little mind. We've been doing some very simple sign language with her and didn't expect to see her respond for a while but as I was feeding her lunch the other day, she looked at me and signed "more" and then paused and made the sign for "food." I was so surprised! What a wonderful thing to be able to communicate with your baby. It seems she has entered an entire new level of babyhood and we as parents have said more than once this week that favorite line of all parents..."our baby's growing up too fast!"


Stevie said...

That first communication is so fun! And hooray for signing. We started signing with our youngest Adam when he was really little, and it saved us because his speech didn't develop as quickly as we're used to, and until a little after he turned two the signs were the only way we could understand him!

BensonFam said...

They really do! I was snuggling my sweet little man in the hallway on Sunday, and listening to the shrieking and chaos from the nursery when I realized that he'll be in there in there in 12 months! AHHH!! He's still a newborn, right?!! He can't do things like sit up and eat solids and make us laugh til we cry, can he?